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Ashwood Hanging Wash / Shaving Bag - Leather & Canvas - Black


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Colour Name:Black

Collection: Hammersmith. Style: 7010-A. Material: Mud Leather & Canvas. ASHWOOD DISTRESSED OILED LEATHER has a smooth matt surface and superb lightly oiled finish. This type of leather is designed to scratch and mark easily. Some of these marks can be rubbed away with fingertips or smoothed out using a waxed leather protector; others will blend in over time. This designer effect along with variation and intensity of colour within the leather, adds to the rugged, urban character of the product. The leather has been specially developed by Ashwood to look and feel the same as traditional oiled leather; the only difference is that it has been crafted to leave almost no colour transference on light clothing (except when damp). A hook enables the bag to be hung up in the wash room leaving valuable counter space uncluttered. The bag folds up easily to pack in a suitcase and there are several pockets to organise contents efficiently. The bag can be opened wide for easy access. The inner compartments are all made from waterproof lined canvas. The main compartment is completely removable to allow it to be washed. The base of the wash bag is flat.

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