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Baby Cloth Book Soft Toy 26pcs Alphabet Cards Educational Tool with Storage Bag for Toddler


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  • ♪ Cards are made from cotton,the print process are tested repeatly,it will not fade easily,all materials are nontoxic,kid can play with it safely.
  • ♪ Parents can turn it into a matching game, can match a picture to the letter, the front is uppercase,the back is cute animals with words.Kids can learn letters quickly and increase his vocabulary with the fun pictures.
  • ♪ These are perfect for practicing the abcs with kids,really has alot of possibilities of things you can do with these cards.They works great in preschool class.
  • ♪ They are more durable and softer than the traditional flash card,they will not be out of shape when be tore,thrown,bit them.
  • ♪ With a storage bag,it's so convenient to organize and bring anywhere you want.Cards can machine washable or hand wash,but please not dry clean.

Happy Childhood Time:

♪ Have you ever remember this durable and great toy in your early hood?
♪ Would you like to share your experience with your kids or grandchildren,invite them to experience the same creative fun you did.

Never hesitate,never regret!

Washing Method:

Wash with water or baby special liquid detergent, hanging dry.
Do not use washing powder to avoid contact with harmful substances.

Security for Toys:

- the products used in the main materials, accessories, ingredients, printing dyes, etc., have been repeated testing, testing;
- the company took the initiative to commission the technical supervision and inspection of products on a regular basis;
- in line with the European Union, the United States, Japan's toy safety standards, the SGS test, the toxicity indicators, better than the EU's toy safety standards nearly 100 times.

Package includes:

1set/ 26pcs Cloth Card (With storage bag)

Item Weight
Manufacturer NEEDOON

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