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Epsom Salts 10 kg Medical Grade


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  • Epsom Salts Bath
  • Epsom Salt - the relaxing way to improve your health -
  • It relaxes the nervous system,
  • som Salt helps raise the magnesium and sulphate levels in your body, hence serving as a superb mineral supplement.
  • Epsom Bath Salts - Magnesium Sulphate

Product Description

Epsom Salt - the relaxing way to improve your health - Add Epsom Salts to your bath Did you know that you can relax your tired muscles and treat your sports injuries by bathing in Epsom Salts? Otherwise known as Magnesium Sulphate, this is a substance whose amazing benefits have made it popular with doctors, personal trainers and celebrities. From small beginnings from the mineral waters of the town of Epsom in Surrey, UK, the production of Epsom Salt has now gone global, as its magnesium and sulphate components have become renowned for supplementing mineral-deficient modern lifestyles perfectly. Facts about Epsom Salt It's made from a combination of magnesium and sulphate. You use it in a mixture for your bath or foot-spa.


Magnesium Sulphate

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Product Dimensions 34 x 24 x 20 cm ; 10 Kg
Manufacturer Epsom Salts Co

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