For Sagem my501c UK 3 Pin Mains Charger

For Sagem my501c UK 3 Pin Mains Charger


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    Sagem my501c mains charger
  • Lightweight
  • 3-pin (for use in the UK)
  • Mini USB Charger
  • Brought to you by Ukdapper Communications
  • The For Sagem Charger is a multi voltage charger The For Sagem mains allows you to use your phone whilst it's charging even when the battery is completely flat. Charging time depends on battery capacity and condition. Simply plug the charger in to a wall socket and connect the lead to the bottom of your For Sagem mobile phone or desktop/battery stand. This is a mini USB Charger which is compatible with many products from Mobile Phones, Cameras, GPS systems, Please be sure when buying this is a Mini USB Connector and not a micro USB Connector. The charger sent may vary from time to time depending on stocks but all chargers are Branded by major Manufacturers and fully tested with the Product for it to be used with.

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