Genmine 7 Holes Shower Douche for Enema and Vaginal Rinse, Enemator Anal Sex Cleaning Shower Both for Men and Women

Genmine 7 Holes Shower Douche for Enema and Vaginal Rinse, Enemator Anal Sex Cleaning Shower Both for Men and Women


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  • This is a very neat enema system. Its douche/enema nozzle is outfitted for use as a shower attachment, can be screwed onto your existing shower or sink. This shower head could connect well with international standard shower tube, fit most of tube in bathroom.
  • PERIODIC COLON CLEANSING may help to detoxify the body and promote regular bowel movement, making enemas a source of relief for individuals who are suffering from severe constipation. Enemas may also prevent the formation of painful polyps in the colon and rectum.
  • SIMPLE TO USE and the WATER PRESSURE IS ADJUSTABLE. The nozzle is inserted into the rectum, often with the aid of lubricant. The shower is turned on, and the pressure valve is adjusted until the water flow is at a comfortable level. As the water flows through the tubing, the colon is cleansed of any fecal matter and other residue. After the colon has been moderately filled, the individual then removes the nozzle and defecates into the toilet.
  • Utilize a constant, steady stream of water, cleans away bacteria and reduces the risk of infections. Allows you to control the flow of water from your enema hose, please keep water pressure at safe levels.
  • Only come with the shower head, not include the additional tubing.

A shower enema enables a person to flush his or her colon at home, without the need for a trained professional's assistance. Among the different types of enemas, a home enema is considered one of the most cost-efficient, especially for individuals who undergo regular treatments. This type is accomplished by attaching special enema supplies to one's bathroom shower, which allows for quick and convenient colon cleansing.

The Clean Stream Shower Cleansing Nozzle is one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use shower bidet/enema tools on the market. Unlike some complicated kits out there, the Shower Cleansing Nozzle is just one piece, with the flow regulator, handle, and nozzle all in one. All you need to add is a shower cord to connect it to your shower head for better flexibility and reach.

Just screw the end of the nozzle to one end of a shower cord, and the other end of the cord to your shower head, and you're ready to go. Turn on the shower and use the small lever in the middle of the device to control the flow of water, so you can get exactly the level of clean you want.


Applicable User: All Adults
Measurements: 17.7cm in length, 8cm insertable length, .1.2cm insertable width.
Color: Silver

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Manufacturer Genmine

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