OP/TECH USA 3422021 Finger Cuff-QD (Skull)

OP/TECH USA 3422021 Finger Cuff-QD (Skull)


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    Ideal for small cameras and electronics
  • Compact and comfortable neoprene cuff fits on any finger
  • Fits tight connection area with 1.5mm cord
  • Mini quick disconnect offers added versatility and convenience
  • Made in the USA
  • The Finger Cuff - QD is the smallest strap yet! This unique little strap is perfect for small cameras and electronics. It attaches easily with a mini quick disconnect and is compatible with the Cam Strap - QD and Mini Loop Strap - QD, giving you the freedom to decide which strap you need for each occasion.

    The Finger Cuff - QD is ideal for the user who wants to carry as little as possible while keeping a compact camera firmly attached to the hand. It fits snugly around any finger for a “barely there” feeling while still offering complete security against dropping. As compact cameras continue to shrink, they actually become a bit more difficult to hold and very easy to drop. The Finger Cuff - QD ensures that the photographer has the perfect strap for any occasion or use.

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