OP/TECH USA 8201114 Soft Pouch Body Cover - Manual (Black)

OP/TECH USA 8201114 Soft Pouch Body Cover - Manual (Black)


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    Soft, durable neoprene case snugly fits your camera body protecting it from dust, moisture and impact
  • Design offers more depth to better accommodate larger digital bodies
  • Non-marring snap closure on bottom of pouch safely secures your camera body
  • Fits most rangefinder and manual SLR bodies
  • Made in the USA
  • The Soft Pouch - Body Cover provides ideal protection for your camera body while in use or in storage. The form-fitting neoprene cover protects against dust, moisture and impact so there's no worries when putting it in a large camera bag full of other items. The cover flap folds down over the camera body and securely snaps on the bottom of the pouch. For the avid photographer who frequently carries several lenses and camera bodies, the Soft Pouch - Body Cover for cameras and Snoot Boot for lenses combine to make a great protective storage system.

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