PHILIP B Rejuvenating Oil

PHILIP B Rejuvenating Oil


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Rejuvenating Oil is an intensive hair and scalp treatment that closely replicates the scalp’s own natural sebum, the body’s natural hair food, which brings healthy moisture retention to the hair and scalp; and natural shine to the hair. Rejuvenating Oil is a fragrant blend of Carrier and Essential Oils derived from plants, nuts and flowers. It imparts lipids into dry to damaged hair and scalp. Deep, penetrating and soothing essential oils revive and restore hair’s elasticity, resilience, and over-all strength. Define your hair renewing the depth, vibrancy and vitality of your colour and texture dissipating the appearance of coarse grey, silver and regrowth.

Hair damaged from harsh water, environmental factors, poor products, illness, medication and repeated chemical services has gaps such as broken amino acid chains in the cortex (the middle layer of the hair). Rejuvenating Oil helps to fill in these gaps, thus strengthening by filling each shaft with rich hydration. It is also highly beneficial to a dry/itchy or dry scalp. The scalp has the largest pores on the body; the penetrative carrier and essential oils soothe, hydrate, clarify and promote normal scalp oil production. Rejuvenating Oil may be left in the hair and on the scalp. See and feel the results of bouncy, healthy, soft, silky, shiny hair from your very first treatment. About the Oils in the Rejuvenating Oil The first human uses of plants to heal were discovered from paintings on cave walls in France dating back to 18,000 B.C. Records dating back to 4,500 B.C. tell of plant oils used in ancient Egypt for medicine, mood control and ritual.

Carrier Oils Carrier oils are fatty, lubricating, somewhat heavy base oils containing specific properties and nutrients. They nourish, lubricate and smooth the constantly taxed cuticle of the hair. Carrier oils are extracted from nuts, kernels, seeds and other parts of the plant. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, so they need to be blended with carrier (base) oils to spread evenly and to prevent irritation. Olive Oil encourages moisture retention while it soothes. Peanut Oil brings strong hydration.

Almond Oil helps relieve irritation, inflammation, itching, and softens dry skin. Sesame Oil soothes irritation and dryness. Walnut Oil lubricates, and aids in prevention of bacteria. Jojoba Oil soothes, eases, nourishes and penetrates with antioxidant properties. It is similar to human skin sebum (oil) and works as a natural preservative for the other oils in the rejuvenating oil blend. Essential oils are aroma therapeutic, beneficial, potent, penetrating, delicate and complex. These oils penetrate deeply because of their tiny molecules and can enter the cortex of the hair shaft. Essences are extracted from the bark, leaves, petals, resins, rinds, roots, seeds, stalks and stems of certain aromatic plants and flowers (these oils give plants their characteristic smell). Pure essential oils are extremely concentrated. Many pounds, even tons, of plant material may be required to produce a relatively small amount of essential oil. For example, over 150 pounds of lavender flowers will yield one pound of lavender oil. Ylang Ylang Oil has a refreshing, relaxing, almost intoxicating scent. It strengthens hair, controls split ends, calms irritation and facilitates scalp stimulation for hair growth while helping to normalise oil production. It is said that tropical women, known for their thick shiny hair, have used Ylang Ylang oil in their hair preparations for centuries. Lavender Oil with its clean, fresh, floral, woody aroma simultaneously stimulates and relaxes. This soothing oil restores damaged hair, making it moist and pliable; clarifies, and helps to regulate oil secretion of the scalp. Geranium Oil permeates a green, sweet, uplifting scent. It eases and balances dry, sensitive skin and hair, imparting a healthy ...

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