Pixel circular polarizing 58 mm Filter

Pixel circular polarizing 58 mm Filter


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    Colours and contrast enhanced, Suitable for wide angle lenses, Reduces the non-metallic surfaces reflects, Suitable for behind glass photography for example, Attachable cap
  • Filter Type: Polarising
  • Filter factor: ND 2.5 (1 + 1/3 stops)
  • Fixation system: Screw-in
  • Filter thread: 58 mm
  • The ideal circular polarisation filter for the digital camera. The cpl circular polarisation filter improves the performance and gives you contrasty pictures. Suitable for wide angle lenses. A lens cap can be mounted. Reduce the non-metallic surfaces reflect light to improve picture quality. Can shot directly through the windows, and to reduce the reflective surface of the water also makes the trees and grass more good-looking. Can change the color of the sky darker in color shooting without affecting the color balance. Can be rotated to different angles to obtain different degrees of the polarizing effect. Â

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