PolarPro Frame2.0 PFV Quadcopter Filter 3-Pack For GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3

PolarPro Frame2.0 PFV Quadcopter Filter 3-Pack For GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3


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    Ultra-Light weight filters (6.7g) for filming with gimbals
  • Filters protect Gopro lens while filming outside housing
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero3/3+/4 (when outside housing)
  • Includes Polarizer (Lightest), 2-Stop ND (Mid), 3-Stop ND (Darkest)
  • Glass lenses for optimal image clarity and scratch resistance
  • This three pack of high quality, lightweight glass filters from PolarPro represents excellent value. Coming complete with a polarizer, 2 stop Neutral Density and a 3 stop Neutral Density filter, this three pack is the perfect kit for any quadcopter enthusiast. It provides you with everything you'll need to capture breathtakingly sharp HD footage with a difference whilst eliminating the unwanted Jello Effect. Specially designed for use with Quadcopters and gimbles, these incredible lightweight filters from PolarPro take your high-octane outdoor filming to a whole new level. Offering spectacular image quality and superior lens protection, the Frame 2.0 filter kit enables you to capture crisp video from any angle thanks to the filter's low profile and ultra-lightweight design. Perfect for reducing glare and improving colour saturation, the Polarizer filter from PolarPro reduces the amount of glare bouncing off the ground to leave behind the most crisp video footage possible. This filter can also be used to slow down the GoPro's shutter speed by 1.6 stops. This is ideal for night photos and is especially useful when used with the Hero4. One of the more popular filters for filming outdoors or from the sky, the 2 stop ND filter reduces your GoPro's shutter speed by two whole stops to smooth out quadcopter footage and thus reduce the dreaded Jell-O effect which is common when filming from quadcopters without a filter attached. The 2 stop neutral density filter is also fantastic for reducing lens flare when shooting towards the sun or toning down the highlights when it's partly cloudy. Designed for filming in very bright conditions, the 3 stop ND filter also reduces the Jell-O effect in more extreme circumstances and smooths out high vibrations from quadcopter footage. Perfect for use in the middle of the day in bright, sunny conditions, the 3 stop ND filter reduces the shutter speed in order to create the motion blur effect.

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