Projector Lamp for Optoma BR326 (Module), SP. 8VH01GC01

Projector Lamp for Optoma BR326 (Module), SP. 8VH01GC01


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    Premium quality and extremely bulb life, high brightness.
  • Projector Lamp/Light Lamp Bulbs replacement projector lamp - Hybrid module (Original Lamp brand housing)
  • Extra long warranty: 5 months Warranty by Seller - Please note that the guaranteed your statutory defects right US offered by us compared to this makes Unberührt whilst leaving. The contents of the warranty and all the essential information that we reserve the right guarantee is required, you can see here (link:
  • This is an example Abbildungen. The supplied projector lamp fits in the projector: OPTOMA BR326
  • The lamp is compatible part numbers: SP.8VH01GC01
  • Replacement Bulb, Projector Lamp Module for OPTOMA BR326, SP.8VH01GC01 - Hybrid Module (Original Lamp in brand housing)

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