Protama Ultra Slim CPL Polarising Filter 52 mm

Protama Ultra Slim CPL Polarising Filter 52 mm


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    Pole filter to help prevent disruptive reflections in glass and water
  • More contrast and saturation
  • Extremely thin - in attached condition approximately 5 mm
  • Box contents: 1x Protama Ultra Slim Cir PL polarising filter 52 mm
  • No vignetting with wide-angle Aufnahmen
  • This Protama Ultra Slim Circular Polarising Filter is ultra flat. This ultra-thin design prevents vignetting – ie the shadow of the photos when can cause a at the edges of objects due to the filter.
    'polarising filter remove reflections from flat surfaces such as glass and water. This is it, for example, thanks to the water surface 'photography and darunterliegende objects through easy to see what without a polarising filter not possible if it were. In addition, Polarising filters are used to give a blue sky, reduce along with the desired light mood.
    With individual turning the ring, you can even adjust the level of colour saturation and contrast. Thanks to the standard indoor and outdoor thread, you can also further filters or sun visor to install.

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