Queta Lens Hood Sun Shade and Camera Gimbal Cover Lens Cap Front 3D Sensor System Screen Cover Lens for DJI Spark Drone Quadcopter (Grey)

Queta Lens Hood Sun Shade and Camera Gimbal Cover Lens Cap Front 3D Sensor System Screen Cover Lens for DJI Spark Drone Quadcopter (Grey)


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    Kit contains: (1) lens hood, (1) lens cap, specially designed for DJI spark, Note: The Drone Quadcopter is not included in box contents
  • Lens cap: made from ABS + PC material, it is very lightweight (Weight 6.3 g) can be used during flight, it can protect your lens from wind, dust or sand; it is perfect for the blockage of sunlight and unwanted scattered light, it reduces the unwanted glare and thereby avoiding the image of exposure, ensure you get the better photos in richer colours could be
  • Lens Hood: made of PC material, protects it the gimbal to the camera and the front 3D sensor system display from collision, dust and water during transportation - The gimbal and the front 3D sensor system and screen are securely fixed in a solid position locked that allows for twisting, Tremor or wobbling prevent
  • Easy to use: It is completely suitable for DJI spark Drone Quadcopter which makes it really easy for installation and installation Deins into the ground and play
  • Very well made: It is dust-proof, scratch-proof, shockproof and easy; the gimbal lens protector is used for storage and the lens hood is designed to fly
  • -Please note:
    The Drone Quadcopter is not included.
    Features:-This camera lens protector set is designed to perfectly fit DJI Spark drone quadcopter.
    This camera lens protector set fits and covering up to the universal ring, the lens and the point to the front sensor completely and securely, without accidentally dropping, but it is easy to remove.
    It is an essential accessory for all DJI Spark owners.
    Lens Hood:
    When the sun visor is switched on, it can be opened Gimbal steps (with a weight of 6.3g, without the unwanted light affect that will keep your pictures of use
    It prevents the image of exposure, to ensure the clarity and saturation any recorded image
    Anti-glare: it blocks the sun or any other unwanted light sources to glare and hood to prevent accidental staining
    This is additional protection for your lens from accidental hard knocks and scratches
    Colour: Black
    Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) + PC
    Weight: 6.3g
    Lens Cap:
    It covers 100% of the gimbal, the lens and the forward are odour sensor system and to help prevent accidental damage while on the move
    It Verhindernt the universal frame protects the gimbal wiring and increases the service life of your cabling allows
    It is dustproof, scratch-proof, waterproof and shockproof
    It can take your gimbal secure and protected.
    Colour: Transparent Grey
    Material: PC
    Weight: 6.3g-Package content:
    1x Lens hood
    1x Lens Cap
    Package Including
    1 x Lens hood1 x Lens Cap

    Brand name Queta
    Item Weight 49.9 g
    Product Dimensions 8 x 6 x 4 cm
    Manufacturer reference 1831BR121J7XKZ
    Color Grey

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