Ricoh GR Digital III Replacement Battery Charger

Ricoh GR Digital III Replacement Battery Charger


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This compact Ricoh GR Digital III rapid battery charger is designed to simply and safely charge your Ricoh DB-65 battery within 2 hours. It is supplied with 3 pin mains plug and a cable which allows charging within a car, enabling you to use the charger on the move when mains power is not available. The charger has a LED to indicate charging in process and changes colour to show when the battery is fully charged. It will charge Ricoh branded batteries as well as equivalent non-branded replacement batteries. It includes short circuit and overload protection and will automatically detect different voltage inputs from around the world. This charger will charge the following battery models: Ricoh DB-65 - 3 pin power cable - Slim, lightweight design - Smart charging LED indicator - Automatically turns to trickle charge after full charge - Short circuit and Overload protection - Can charge on the road with supplied car charger cable.

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