Ring Light Lamp 28 W

Ring Light Lamp 28 W


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    28 W Daylight Spezialröhre Lamp With Ring (as dimmable 170 W Glühlampenlicht)
  • Value alternative to Lightning Ring
  • Matches any commercial Light Tripod
  • The additional increase by luminous Glossy reflector
  • Ideal for the demanding Macro -, product - and beauty photography
  • This makes the lamp through the special ring design and inner reflector for directional lighting and a very uniform and soft illumination. Particularly suitable for recording images with low illumination (Makroaufnahmen) or for the removal of products on reception desks. The lamp can be quickly through the swanneck felxiblen into the desired position. Thanks to the lamp may be mounted on any standard-Spigiotanschluss commercial lamp tripods, bench feet and clamps to many.

    Internal diameter of approximately ° 18.5 cm
    Outer diameter of approximately ° 26 cm
    ° Power supply 230 V
    Low warming °
    ° 5400° Perfect Daylight Colour temperature Kelvin - tints end!
    Colour rendering RA °> 90
    Robust chassis °
    Thanks to the movable ° Swanneck Bieg in every direction - and inclinable

    Package Contents:
    Proxistar Daylight Lamp Ring 1 x 28 W HB-flexible gooseneck

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