Ritz Gear™ 52mm Lens Hood Kit – Includes Lens Hood w/Proprietary Snap-On Ring, Lens Cap & Lens Cap Keeper

Ritz Gear™ 52mm Lens Hood Kit – Includes Lens Hood w/Proprietary Snap-On Ring, Lens Cap & Lens Cap Keeper


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    Freely Rotating Lens Hood Helps Prevent Flares in Imagery & Video Footage
  • Proprietary Snap-On Ring Offers Quick & Easy Attach/Release for Lens Hood
  • Ring Enables Storage of Hood Along w/Lens in Regular or in Reverse Position
  • Included Lens Cap Protects Lens; Clicks Onto Lens Even w/Hood Attached
  • Included Lens Cap Keeper Safely Sticks Onto Cap to Avoid Misplacement

    For nearly a century, Ritz Camera & Image has offered an exclusive line of cameras, camcorders and photo accessories synonymous with design, quality and innovation. Whether you are a novice to the world of photography or a professional, all Ritz products are comprised of our core competencies:

    The ultimate lens hood and cap kit.
    Leave it up to Ritz Gear to bundle together the most thought-out photography accessories for you. Our packaged lens hood kit includes a lens hood complete with a proprietary ring, a lens cap, and a lens cap keeper, as detailed below. The lens cap keeper is available in multiple sizes, so please specify when placing your order.

    Lens Hood
    Have you ever used standard lens hoods? Then you know that they are built as a single solid piece that attaches to the end of your camera lens and sticks out in front of your lens. The problem? When you want to store the lens in your bag you need to either remove the lens hood (or it won't fit) or get a very large bag. Ritz Gear's lens hood is a bit smarter: Designed as two pieces, the hood is actually paired with a proprietary ring that effortlessly snaps in and out of the lens hood's base. To connect the lens hood to your lens, screw the ring onto the lens first, and then snap the hood right on. When you're done shooting, you can snap the lens hood off the ring and then reattach the hood in reverse. Viola! You can now properly store your lens with the hood attached in your regular gear bag.

    Lens Cap
    Also included is a neat lens cap that takes advantage of the hood's ring design. It snaps onto your lens while the ring is on the lens, even with the lens hood attached. Simply leave the lens hood attached - either in regular or reverse position - and still use the cap to protect the actual lens glass

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