Rodenstock HR Digital Super MC 67 MM CIRCULAR POLARIZING FILTER WITH Multi-layer Coating – Made in Germany

Rodenstock HR Digital Super MC 67 MM CIRCULAR POLARIZING FILTER WITH Multi-layer Coating – Made in Germany


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    Rodenstock HR Digital Super MC Circular Polarising Filter and multi-coating 67 mm, Made in Germany
  • Extremely flat slimline filter mount No Risk of Vignettierungs in wide angle shooting all Rodenstock filter have a very low profile slimline to mount. Order to screw thread at the front for attaching a lens hood or protective lid, is the glass - just 1.4 mm thin.
  • Brass Socket bei HR - Digital Ltern. The best material for filter is brass because it is the best gliding for and off of really is and high mechanical strength (in black box). Blackened glass edges reduce unwanted stray light force in the edges of all Rodenstock/filter discs are blackened to provide can't Kontrastmindernde there reflection of the. This means together with the excellent coating for optimum picture contrast.
  • The filter discs are made from high quality optical glass. The glasses are absolutely Planparallel ground and are extremely smoothly polished. This ensures even light refraction. Maximum contrast and this ensures a Verlustlose sharpness and. Never run out ensures streak-free and colour-neutral polarisation film True Colours. With 8x multi-layer coating and additional layer for high scratch resistance and lotus effect
  • The coating of all Rodenstock - Filter is scratch-proof as hard glass. The range of HR Digital with super MC have over of the multi-layer finish but it has another coating, the further harder is and an additional flattering characteristic; it is water and oil resistant. This means that Water Glass not Benetzt, but spherical drop that is as if on the famous Lotus Flower.
  • Colour-neutral CPL Circular Polarizing Filter for suppression or precise control of glare and reflections and this Resultierender higher colour saturation. Extremely thin tempered optical glass filter with Planparallelem cut and extremely smooth polish for Verlustlose sharpness and maximum contrast. Scratch-proof, the reflection-reducing and reduces Streulichtvermeidende multi-layered coating (8 different positions on both sides). Additional compensation layer Unwirksame with; water-repellent and stain-resistant effect (Lotus Effect). Slimline screw attachment made from matte black painted brass with optimal Gleitverh Old. No vignetting when using wide-angle lenses. Additional front thread for use of a lens hood or the lens lid in mounted filters.

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