Rodenstock HR Digital Super MC Circular-Pol-Filter 49mm

Rodenstock HR Digital Super MC Circular-Pol-Filter 49mm


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    MC coated, hardened high-quality optical glass, highly scratch-resistant
  • perfect planoparallel surface, hydrophobic and oleophobic coated (Lotus effect)
  • robust brass, extremely thin with front thread
  • This Rodenstock HR 49 mm Digital Super MC polarizing filter ensures that only direct light rays pass through, which makes for more colourful images. Light that is reflected from other surfaces in the lens is ignored. The glass of this filter is hardened and the MC has a coating. The advantage of this filter is the brass ring that makes it smoother and more durable when using filters with an aluminium ring. Furthermore, this filter is optically neutral and has an additional coating that holds a lot of dirt and moisture.

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