Rollei Pro CPL Filter - Polarizer Filter - 77 mm

Rollei Pro CPL Filter - Polarizer Filter - 77 mm


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    Intensifies color saturation and contrast
  • Made of Japanese Optical Glass for highest picture quality
  • Water, oil and stain repellent, scratch resistant - 16 layers coating
  • Up to a focal length of 400 mm
  • 1x Filter
  • Rollei Pro Polarizing Filter---The increasing use of image processing software has led to a decrease in use of certain types of filters. Colour filters and exotic effect filters have almost completely disappeared from the market. Polarizing filters have always been part and parcel of a professional or hobby photographer’s standard equipment as there is no way to digitally copy this effect. A polarizing filter absorbs polarized light, and, depending on the application angle, it suppresses a lot of or maybe even slightly intensifies glare and reflections on non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water. The effect is infinitely variable within a 90-degree angle, depending on its position to the light source.---16-layer multi-coating and in HD quality for impressive views through water or glass---In addition to suppressing or intensifying glare and reflections, the Rollei Pro polarizing filter also enhances the image’s colour depth and contrasts. The lens is manufactured from Japanese glass and rotates continuously in the sturdy filter ring, the 16-layer multi-coating protects the filter against scratches and ensures the filter stays water, oil, grease and dirt repellent. The effect of a polarizing filter is influenced by the focal length of the lens used. Extremely wide angle lenses are generally not suitable for using a CPL, and the opposite extreme of the focal length spectrum can also push some photographic filters to their capability limits. The Rollei Polfilter is reliable up to a focal length of 400mm. The Rollei Pro polarizing filters fit lenses with a diameter of 49 to 82mm, thus providing you with high-quality filters for all your lenses.

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