Somikon 3D-Essay for Spectacle Wearers, Polarising Filter, Circular

Somikon 3D-Essay for Spectacle Wearers, Polarising Filter, Circular


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    Stable, Retaining Clip Universal: fits any glasses
  • This high-tech coating technology with CPL/Circular Polarizer Filter
  • Super light 10 G
  • Finally: enjoy the 3D world in their eyesight NEW!

    As you know the problem of glasses for 3D Fan Bearing: you can not really enjoy 3D film, the 3D glasses because they always have their own Chunky Bear. Reflexions, bruises and even headaches are often the result. So it is now!

    The intelligent alternative to attack now: UNIVERSAL Glasses paper! With the Universal clip slide the stable on your glasses for 3D glasses. Now you can enjoy 3D Track and although their eyesight!

    Built in filter CPL/Circular Polarizer glasses are the super lightweight construction. Circular polarization in 3D entertainment is the future. The filters are independent from the Head tilt: no overlap, no distort, no shadow.

    Their eyes are spared. Use this technology has some great cinema, also increasing the manufacturers of TVs and monitors on this progressive method. So now you are ready for the future of the 3D experience!

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