Somikon circular polarising filter for Single-Lens reflex cameras, 72 MM

Somikon circular polarising filter for Single-Lens reflex cameras, 72 MM


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    Gruyère circular polarising filter: better contrast, reduced glare, more vivid colours & # 8226; Great Effect in a camera angle of 30 - 40 ° to mirror surface
  • For lenses with 72 mm filter thread & # 8226; Simultaneous with protection for expensive lens
  • unverzich visible companion for all photographers
  • There are more depth to your image and impact, especially in sunlight
  • Please check before purchase the diameter of thread of your lens.
  • More vivid colors, better contrast, less nichtmetallische brightness the sky blue, grass and the founder and discs of clear glass Power: Somikon with this polarizing filter will more vivid colours, for a greater contrast and less glare when not metálicas. precisely in a strong solar light colours as not so tired leads to the application without filter, as are the realmente. is almost white, blue sky, clouds hardly to detectar. the water stream vítae reflections too bright and the leaves act as this mirror. Polarizer Filter is the solution: that reduces glare and ensures that is important for kontrastreichere, more vivid colours the position of filters. the maximum reduction of reflection is in a recording angle of 30 - 40 ° to the surface of mirrors alcanza. enter your images more brightness: You will be delighted with the result ser. of accessories & mitbestell recommendations: Grey Filter: NC1958 - 944, Polarising: nc9993 - 944 The price of instead of 24.90 EUR complies with the Ehem. Empf. VK the supplier

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