Somikon (Circular) Polarising Filter for SLR Cameras, 62 mm

Somikon (Circular) Polarising Filter for SLR Cameras, 62 mm


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    Polarising Filter Effects: more contrast, Mirror-less, Colour Blacks • Gives your image more depth and impact, especially in sunlight
  • An indispensable companion for all photographers
  • Simulataneous protection for expensive lenses
  • Circular polarization: ideal for cameras with all modern halbdurchlässigem Mirror • High impact absorption at an angle of 30-40° reflecting surface
  • For 62-mm-Lens
  • Colours blacks, better contrast, less non-metallic reflections

    BlueHeaven Power And Discs Invisible: Polarising Filter with that of colours make you Somikon blacks, contrasts better than non-metallic motifs in mirrors!

    Strong sunlight will no longer come in colours of tired, as they really are. Without a filter is almost White-Blue Heaven, hard to see the clouds. The water of the hides Bachlaufs far too much and the shiny leaves to act as a mirror.

    This is the solution to Polarising Filter:reduces reflections it for higher contrast, colours blacks.

    It is important the position of polarizing filter. Reflection of the highest reduction is achieved with opening angle of 30-40° reflecting surface.

    They give your pictures more sparkle: you will be thrilled by the outcome!

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