STARBLITZ sficpl39 39 mm Circular Polarizing Filter Black

STARBLITZ sficpl39 39 mm Circular Polarizing Filter Black


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    Circular Polarising Filter

    This circular polarising filter Multi-coated STARBLITZ screws onto the thread of your camera lens, in front of the front lens. It is made up of two parts: the first which are used to attach the filter on the lens, the second to make the polarising effect.
    It is recommended to take photographs with a sun at right angles or to your left/right (therefore not in front or in back).
    The circular polarising filter is the most useful during the course of the day, where natural light intensity is the most important. It can also be successfully used at night, as long as you change the settings (speed/Open).
    To check the size of you need, all you have to do is look at the manual of your camera lens or filter often, read the size is indicated on the barrel of the lens. (example: 49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm)
    Please note that this filter also has a multi-layer coating, with a high quality of glass than the average.
    Circular Polarizer STARBLITZ are intended for all fans of photography. Any Photographer can require a circular polarising filter. It will be very useful in many situations: Photo with a seaside holiday, picture of modern architecture such as buildings, Picture of snowy mountain lakes, photo, of landscapes with pieces of Christmas...
    Copied an image as you out of sight when you have triggered, it is the result of the contrast achieved with polarising filter.
    If you search in Google images with the words & # 34; with or without filter & # 34; you will see clearly the shade and the difference in contrasts.
    You'll have: If you're an avid photographer during your holiday or that you are a traveller, this circular polarising filter will become an invaluable tool.

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