Sweat Block Hyperhidrosis High Strength Antiperspirant

Sweat Block Hyperhidrosis High Strength Antiperspirant


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  • Clinical Strength Antiperspirant
  • Extra strong antiperspirant with extended effectiveness to control sweat for up to 7-days per use
  • Safely and effectively treat hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating
  • Giving you confidence everywhere you go
  • Conforms to Cosmetic EC Regulation 1223/2009

Product Description

Control Sweat and Eliminate Embarrassment with Safe, Effective SweatBlock Antiperspirant Excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis keeps you in dark colors and layers, makes you nervous to lift your arms, and limits your life. Get SweatBlock to sweat less, live more and enjoy the little things - like hugging and waving - without sweat anxiety, dark blotches and unsightly underarm perspiration.SweatBlock is the extra strong - yet safe and soothing - clinical strength antiperspirant formula that controls sweat and eliminates the embarrassment caused by excessive underarm sweating. It's designed for your underarms, but people use SweatBlock to control sweating everywhere: on the feet, face, neck, back and even behind the knees. For best results, apply SweatBlock before bed, which is when your sweat glands are less active. The next morning you can shower, shave, use a regular deodorant, and go about your day with confidence. SweatBlock is EC regulation 1223/2009 compliant, 100% safe, extra strong antiperspirant formula that's doctor recommended and alcohol free. Take a look at our product reviews of happy customers on USA. You'll see why people are thrilled about using SweatBlock Antiperspirant - the original and best sweat-blocker - to live life more confidently. Why you'll love SweatBlock: Control sweat up to 7-days per use* so you can feel confident, attractive any color or style without sweat marks Safe and soothing: less burning and itching than most clinical antiperspirants , "What do I get with each box of SweatBlock?" (8) Individually wrapped pre-soaked antiperspirant towelettes. Easy and safe to use. One towelette controls sweat for upto 7 days per use. Does SweatBlock work for me? SweatBlock works when other antiperspirants fall short.


Aluminum chloride 14%

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Product Dimensions 9.3 x 2.5 x 8.8 cm ; 227 g
Manufacturer SweatBlock

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