Tiffen Digital HT Circular Polarising Filter Diameter 62 mm

Tiffen Digital HT Circular Polarising Filter Diameter 62 mm


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    Polarising filters Digital HT TM
    The polariseurs improve the colour and contrast. The reflected light is often as a dazzling white that smoothes out the colour of the image. A fader corrects this problem producing deep, dramatically blue sky. It also removes glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as Windows and water. Color saturation in general, especially outdoors, can be improved significantly.
    Polarizer/Circular Polarizer
    Color filter outdoor essential for general use
    Produces a deeper skies and minimizes reflections in the photograph in black and white and colour
    Can be rotated to achieve the desired effect.
    A circular polarizer has the same effect as a fader and is used on cameras with the crust of light that usually found autofocus SLR cameras (measurement systems to most cameras 35 mm autofocus, refer to your camera manual).
    The Sky most effectively polarized with circular polarizer area:
    Point your index finger in the sun. With your thumb, right angle (90 °), pivot it around the axis of the index finger. It will indicate the deeper the blue horizon to horizon.

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