TiLTA WLC-T03 Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Lens Control System Dual Channel Kit 2

TiLTA WLC-T03 Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Lens Control System Dual Channel Kit 2


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    Full control of focus, iris and zoom at your fingertips
  • FIZ unit and two handle grips connect to brushless motors wirelessly
  • Wireless range is 1000 feet, upgradeable to 1 mile
  • Motors have a built-in MDR and are daisy chained from a single power source
  • Ideal for shoulder-mounted set ups, gimbals, and drones
  • TiLTA have introduced the Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus system, giving independent filmmakers access to innovative, well built professional wireless focussing at an incredible price.

    Two wireless motors included to drive zoom and focus, linked to two handles with fingertip controls, or switch to the hand unit instantly for remote focus pulling. With the right rig the camera operator can control both lens functions without taking their hands off the camera handles.

    Both handles and the FIZ Hand unit are compact, lightweight and come with standard mounting points. Simplify your follow focus setup, and build into your rig for any shooting situation, from handheld to even gimbal rig shooting.

    For the price of purchase, the kit includes two wireless motors, two handgrips and one Hand unit. All components have OLED Displays and CNC precision engineered materials. and the Hand Unit includes hand-carved Brazilian Rosewood detailing. Compared to other industry standard FIZ systems, this is a real bargain.

    Package Contents:

    1x FIZ Wireless Hand Unit
    1x Left Wireless Handle
    1x Right Wireless Handle
    2x Wireless Motor
    4x Follow Focus Marking Disk
    1x 740mm P-TAP Power Cable
    1x Straight 180mm Motor Cable
    1x Straight 296mm Motor Cable
    2x Handle to Arri Standard Rosette Adapter
    2x Handle to Arri Standard Rosette Adapter
    6x 18650 Battery (NOT Shipping Overseas)
    1x Battery Charger
    1x FIZ Unit Lanyard
    2x Motor Antenna
    1x Waterproof Safety Case
    1x Quick Release Handle Grip Bridge

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