TOP-MAX® (Pack of 2) Super High Power LP-E8 Battery + USB Battery Charger for Canon EOS 700D,EOS 650D,EOS 600D,EOS 550D Digital SLR Camera

TOP-MAX® (Pack of 2) Super High Power LP-E8 Battery + USB Battery Charger for Canon EOS 700D,EOS 650D,EOS 600D,EOS 550D Digital SLR Camera


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    Replace a Canon LP-E8 battery and fits the following cameras:Canon EOS 700D,EOS 650D,EOS 600D, Rebel T2i, T3i ,T4i, T5i, Kiss X4, X5 ,X6i ,X7i Digital Cameras
  • Much More Charging Options, Not only home and in car: Unlike traditional mains charger, The charger can charge with a USB wall charger, car charger, external battery, laptop etc. Rapidly and fully charge your battery within 1-1.5 Hours.
  • Forever charge your battery, NOT only at home and in car. With Common micro-USB input, you can recharge your battery wherever and whenever. You will always have a working camera to capture all the important and happy moments on your trips, never worried about running out of power. Perfect for Travel.
  • Show exactly how much the battery has been charged and help you predict when charging finishes. A traditional charger with LED Light can never do this for you.
  • Built with multiple circuit protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection), and high-quality, fire-resistant construction
  • Package Includes:
    2 X Battery
    1 X USB Charger
    1 X USB Cable
    Battery Specifications:
    Compatible Part-No.: Canon LP-E8
    Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    Output Voltage: 7.2 V
    Capacity : 1180 mAh
    Replace Canon LP-E8 Battery
    100% compatible with the original batteries and no memory effect.
    Charger Parameters:
    The most Updated LP-E8 USB charger on the market! Backed by advanced technology, TOP-MAX USB charger have the EXCLUSIVE LED screen, showing charging status as well as charging safely. No worry about explosion, which other chargers might happen!
    Input: DC5V===1-2A, 10W
    Output:DC 8.4V===0.6A, 5W
    Charge Canon LP-E8 batteries, Replace Canon LC-E8E, LC-E8C Quick Charger.
    Charger Features:
    SAFELY CHARGE your batteries. with built-in SELF-HEALING FUSE. Prevent overcharge, overheat, over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, over-current and overload.
    FASTLY CHARGE your batteries. Performing stably and effectively, it can charge your battery within 2-3 working hours.
    CONVENIENTLY CHARGE your batteries. Fully compatible with cell phone AC adapter or other AC adapters, PC, Laptop, power bank, car charger etc that have standard USB Port. Charge your batteries anytime and anywhere.

    Fits Camera Models:

    Canon EOS 550D, Canon EOS 600D
    Canon EOS 650D, Canon EOS 700D
    Canon EOS Kiss Digital X4, Canon EOS Kiss Digital X5
    Canon EOS Kiss Digital X6i, Canon EOS Kiss Digital X7i
    Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Canon EOS Rebel T3i
    Canon EOS Rebel T4i, Canon EOS Rebel T5i

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