USB-Charger for Sony NP-FH50/FP-50/DSC-HX1, HX100, HX100V, HX200V.

USB-Charger for Sony NP-FH50/FP-50/DSC-HX1, HX100, HX100V, HX200V.


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    Charging cradle for: Sony NP-FH50 / NP-FP50 - - Compatible with:
  • Sony DSLR-A230 (Alpha 230), DSLR-A290 (Alpha 290), DSLR-A330 (Alpha 330), DSLR-A380 (Alpha 380), DSLR-A390 (Alpha 390) / Sony DCR-SX30, SX31, SX34, SX40, SX41, SX50, SX60. HC16, HC17, HC18, HC19, HC20, HC21, HC22, HC23, HC24, HC26, HC27, HC28, HC30, HC32, HC35, HC36, HC37, HC38, HC39, HC40, HC42, HC44, HC45, HC46, HC47, HC48, HC51, HC52, HC53, HC54, HC62, HC65, HC85, HC94, HC96, SR30, SR32, SR33, SR35, SR36, SR37, SR38, SR40, SR42, SR45, SR46, SR47, SR48, SR50, SR52, SR55, SR57, SR60, SR62
  • Sony DCR-SR65, SR67, SR70, SR72, SR75, SR77, SR80, SR82, SR85, SR87, SR90, SR100, SR190, SR200, SR210, SR220, SR290, SR300, DVD92, DVD103, DVD105, DVD106, DVD108, DVD109, DVD110, DVD115, DVD150, DVD202, DVD203, DVD205, DVD304, DVD305, DVD306, DVD308, DVD310, DVD403, DVD404, DVD405, DVD406, DVD408, DVD410, DVD450, DVD505 DVD506 DVD508 DVD510 DVD602 DVD605 DVD608 DVD610 DVD650 DVD653 DVD703 DVD705 DVD708 DVD710 DVD755 DVD803 DVD805 DVD808 DVD810 DVD850 DVD905 DVD908 DVD910
  • This battery cradle allows you to charge the batteries of the listed devices. You may charge the battery by connecting the battery cradle either to the mains socket, the cigarette lighter or the USB-port of any PC/Notebook/Powerbank. Micro-USB cable and mains/car adaptor will not be supplied with this item! If you do not possess a micro-USB cable and a mains/car adaptor, please choose "Charger + Mains & Car adaptor" in order to use all functions of the charger!
  • This lightweight cradle allows you to charge the batteries of the devices listed while saving space. The following usage modes are possible:

    * Load on the USB port of a laptop, a PC or using a Powerbank
    * Load on the sector
    * Load on the cigarette lighter in car

    The internal components allow an intelligent charging in order to protect the battery from overheating or overloading. The cradle also shows the charge status by changing the color of the control LED.
    The cradle can be use with any USB-cable or charger with micro USB connection (not included). The most actual mobile and tablets have this connection.

    * 1x Cradle for the listed devices
    Charging current: 600mA
    Dimensions : 88x63x26 (H) mm / approx. 40g

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