Vanguard Compact Adaptor 14Z Camera Shoulder Zoom Bag

Vanguard Compact Adaptor 14Z Camera Shoulder Zoom Bag


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    Compact, lightweight and stylish modern shoulder zoom bag, perfect for mirrorless or DSLR cameras
  • Suitable for CSC/DSLR with standard kit lens attached and other accessories (for example memory cards)
  • Non-slip shoulder strap with ability to strap to your belt
  • Inner Dimensions = L 140 x W 105 x H 160mm; External Dimensions = L 175 x W 140 x H 230mm; Weight 270g
  • Weather proof fabric with rain cover for particularly wet days.
  • The ADAPTOR 14Z compact zoom bag sports a streamline design to ensure the minimal carrying bulk when carried on your shoulder, across your chest or transported in another bag alongside a full gear set. Whatever changing situation you may find yourself in, with the adaptor on your side you will enjoy quick-action top access and nail that shot! External dimensions are 175 x 140 x 230mm Internal dimensions are 140 x 105 x 160mm When carrying compact, we want our zoom bags to be perfectly form fitted to the gear within. The ADAPTOR 14Z is thus tailored to safeguard a DSLR with standard kit lens attached. Strategically placed pockets accommodate other essentials like memory cards, cables, battery, charger and smartphone. Additional features make sure you get maximum performance: incorporating our second-to-none quality, materials and bag construction, offering versatile capabilities with connection loops on the side, and making sure you always stay dry with our total coverage rain cover. The ADAPTOR 14Z carries comfortably across your chest or slung over your shoulder using the great shoulder strap that features a non-slip tacky-gripped pad. Two sturdy belt connectors enable an alternative ‘on your hip’ carrying mode, or extra stability when combining both shoulder and hip options. And finally the sturdy top handles makes grab-and-run possible at any given moment.

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