vhbw 49 mm Grey Neutral Density Filter ND2 ND400 for Pentax SMC DA 35 mm F2.4 AL

vhbw 49 mm Grey Neutral Density Filter ND2 ND400 for Pentax SMC DA 35 mm F2.4 AL


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    Universal Grey Neutral Density filters for Pentax SMC DA 35 mm F2.4 al
  • You can light the strainer design will be chosen from the front or back due to its exposures with open Blende.
  • Custom fit for secure hold on the lens.
  • Diameter: 49 mm/Thickness: (ND2 to ND400 (continuously adjustable)
  • Aus dem Hause vhbw.
  • Compatible universal neutral density filters for your lens. Neutral Density Filter will need especially in very bright light conditions, as the filter proper exposure during extended opening of the hood allow, less depth of focus. The fotografierten motifs are made in a clearly from the front and the background. With neutral Ralf filters can set you are extremely long exposure times and therefore catch movement, even in bright light. This filter is fully adjustable from (ND2 to ND400. You will find is suitable for each motif on the right setting.
    100% Brand New, In Original Packaging, Not an original product.
    High quality Compatible accessory from vhbw.
    Box Contents:
    1 x Neutral Density Filter
    Technical details:
    Diameter: 49 mm
    Thickness: (ND2 to ND400 (Adjustable)
    Suitable for the following models:
    Pentax SMC DA 35 mm F2.4 AL
    For a secure Compatible with Please check under "Replaces the following original accessory: Whether your used accessories listed is at the moment.
    Replaces the following original accessory:
    Your Used ND Fader Neutral Density than ever before.
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