vhbw Universal 49 mm Infrared Filter 720nm Lens Pentax Q Lens

vhbw Universal 49 mm Infrared Filter 720nm Lens Pentax Q Lens


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    Universal Digital Infrared IR Filter for Pentax Q Lens
  • Diameter: 49 mm
  • With internal and external thread
  • Made to Measure, Lens sits securely
  • From the House of vhbw
  • Compatible Infrared Filter for your camera.
    This infrared filter is developed so that total visible light up to 720 Nm to block to support yet not visible infrared rays Durchzulassen, which can be details are capturing, which can be without filters. Typical uses for use include infrared filters and others are Archeology, police, military, medical, scientific, vegetable and vegetation images, special landscape shots as well as effect photography.
    Made to measure, sits securely on the lens.
    The filter threads on the inside and outside of its, which means it can also be used for other filter be adornment.
    100% Brand New, In Original Packaging, Not an original product
    High quality Compatible accessory from vhbw.
    Box Contents:
    1 x Infrared IR Filter
    Technical details:
    Diameter: 49 mm.
    Suitable for the following models:
    Pentax Q Lens
    For a secure Compatible with Please check under "Replaces the following original accessory: Whether your used accessories listed is at the moment.
    Replaces the following original accessory:
    Your've ever used infrared filter
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