Vü SION-CPOL S 49 mm Slim Circular Polarising Filter

Vü SION-CPOL S 49 mm Slim Circular Polarising Filter


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    • Flat Wave Coating - Optical coating that gives the filter's front surface a "smoother-than-glass" finish, making filter maintenance and care much easier.
    • White Balanced Multi-Coating - Specially formulated coating process that ensures that there is no colour shift when placing the filter in front of a lens.
    • Ultra-White Schott German Optics -The glass is ground and polished to achieve the highest performance possible, ensuring maximum resolution of the photographic image, while appearing completely invisible to you and your lens.
    • Hand crafted & inspected - Run in small batches, hand crafted and individually inspected to ensure high quality optics.
    • Black Anodized CNC Aluminum Filter Frame -Our filter frames are more rigid and can better withstand side impacts because they are milled from a single piece of aluminum.Black edged coated glass prevents internal reflections within the filter.

    Vü Sion Slim Circular Polarisers are designed to provide optimum performance for saturating colours, minimising reflections and enhancing blue skies. Featuring HiVu Polarisation Optics that provide a higher light transmission compared to some conventional polarisers, thus framing an image through a viewfinder whilst using a circular polariser has never been easier! Carefully constructed with our unique White Balanced Multi-Coating and Flat Wave Overcoat, our circular polarisers are a perfect combination of elegance and craftsmanship and are an essential tool in any filmmaker or photographer's toolkit.This is why we created Vü Sion -providing you with handcrafted filters that give premium optical quality. Made from Ultra-White Schott German Optics enmsuring maximum photographic image resolution whilst appearing completely invisible to you and your lens. Our filters help you forget about the equipment so you can get back to taking great images- because that's what matters.

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