walimex 4 Fold Lamp Holder with 4 Daylights

walimex 4 Fold Lamp Holder with 4 Daylights


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    cold light source prevents heat development in the studio
  • 4 E27 lamp sockets, bracket with 5/8 inch tripod connection
  • including umbrella holder, power cord length approx. 4.80m
  • with on/off switch
  • 4 environmentally-friendly 25W lamps instead of conventional 4x150W
  • Through the energy-saving technology of this holder heat development will be reduced essentially. Through the convenient switch on the cable, the Lamp Holder can be switched on and off easily. And through the 5/8 inch tripod connection it fits on all common lamp tripods, it is also suitable for Reflex/Translucent Umbrella.

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