walimex 43 mm Circular Polarizing Slim Filter for Camera

walimex 43 mm Circular Polarizing Slim Filter for Camera


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    ideal for landscape and architecture photography, increases color saturation, boosts contrasts
  • eliminates distracting light reflexes
  • high-quality glass lens, precisely manufactured metal frame
  • extremely slim filter, top quality
  • excellent optical characteristics
  • Ideal for landscape and architecture photography
    The Slim CPL filter by walimex is a filter that is perfectly suited for landscape and architecture photography. With it, colors seem distinctly more saturated and brighter. A blue sky will seem darker while white clouds will set themselves apart from the sky. This effect is particularly strong at an angle of 90 degrees to the sun. With foliage, the same effect can be achieved: the colors seem much more saturated and brighter. Distracting reflections on water surfaces or windows as well as glossiness of non-metallic surfaces are reduced.

    Excellent workmanship
    The CPL filter has brilliant optical characteristics. The high-quality glass lens is inserted in a precisely manufactured metal frame. The filter comes with an additional inside thread which allows you to use additional filters. With a height of only approx. 7mm, it is extremely slim, lightweight, and compact. It is stored in a protective case, which protects the filter from harmful UV rays and that way extends its lifetime considerably.

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