walimex Pro 46 mm MC CPL Coated Filter for Camera

walimex Pro 46 mm MC CPL Coated Filter for Camera


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    Filter made of multi-coated glass Ideal for landscape photography
  • Increases colour saturation and enhances contrasts
  • Suppresses reflections and mirroring
  • Precision manufactured metal socket
  • multi-coated , high-quality glass lens
  • Ideal for landscape photography A deep green, a bright blue sky and non-reflecting water surfaces: The walimex pro Zirkular polarization filter achieves impressive effects, especially in landscape photography. Colours become considerably deeper and brighter, contrasts are enhanced. Irritating reflections on water surfaces or window glass, as well as gloss on non-metal surfaces are reduced.

    Excellent workmanship The Zirkular polarization filter has outstanding optical properties. The multi-coated , high-quality glass lens is mounted in a precisely manufactured metal socket. The rotatable filter runs smoothly and stops at the desired setting. It is transported in a protective covering, which protects the filter against harmful UV-radiation and thereby considerably prolongs its service life.

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