Walimex Pro On Location Lightning Set Pro 500

Walimex Pro On Location Lightning Set Pro 500


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    illumination set for use on location, for photo and video shootings
  • incl. 2 dimmable LED 500 floodlights with a light power of 800 LUX each at a distance of 2m
  • power infinitely adjustable via touchscreen
  • with 5/8 inch spigot and 2 spare fuses
  • includes: 2x Walimex Pro LED 500 dimmable panel light, 2x waimex pro lamp tripod WT-806, 256 cm
  • No matter whether film or photo - with 800 Lux per lamp this twin set provides you with lots of light when shooting on location and is thereby highly versatile in use. The power of these dimmable LEDs can be exactly regulated via the user-friendly touchscreen, the light characteristic can be controlled via the individual barndoors. The set also contains two walimex pro WT-806 lamp tripods with a maximum height of 250 cm matching the two floodlights, which are suitable for mobile use, because of their small transport length.

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