walimex pro Polarising Filter Circular 95 mm Black

walimex pro Polarising Filter Circular 95 mm Black


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    Filters from multi hardened glass
  • Ideal for landscape photography
  • Increases the colour saturation of and reinforced contrasts
  • Suppresses reflections and glare
  • Box contents: 1x Walimex Pro circular polarising filter 95 mm incl. protective case
  • The polarising filter is still one of the most popular filter system in astrophotography. Polarising filters allow only the light a specific vibration level pass through. All different light rays are filtered out. This filtration has resulting in a reduction of reflections on the glass and water surfaces or varnishes. At the same time increase polarising filter the colour saturation and adds to the contrast. Behind glass Befindende objects (the shop window, car windscreens) are visible again. When the landscape shots filter to maximum effect at an angle of 90 degrees to the sun. For a show in the picture even effect should be due to limitations in photography and the inevitable differences in uneven polarisation of the sky light limits do not place the focal length 35 or 28 mm in a small picture format.

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