Yukon Video Attachment

Yukon Video Attachment


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The Yukon Video Attachment is designed to record through a great number of Yukon night vision monoculars and spotting scopes. Captured image is in color, optimal resolution 640x480 pixels. The video signal can also be transmitted to external devices such as monitors, TV sets, projectors etc. Eyepiece adapters that come with the Attachment allow it to be attached to virtually any Yukon night vision monocular or spotting scope. The Video Attachment is powered by external power supply (purchased separately) or by car cigar lighter 12V (car adaptor supplied). The Attachment has a wide application range such as night/day observation and video recording, observation and recording of target shooting, other applications that require long-time stationary surveillance and recording of remote objects.

Compact color camera allows transmission of image observed through optical devices to a monitor, TV set or recording device.

Special eyepiece adapters allow coupling between the Video Attachment and various Yukon day and night optical devices, ensuring alignment of optical axes.

The Video Attachment is supplied with a car adapter which allows it to be powered by 12V car outlet. This enables you to conduct observation or to record videos without time limitations.

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