ZF-C18 Color Video Light Daylight and RGB LED Photo Light

ZF-C18 Color Video Light Daylight and RGB LED Photo Light


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    ZF-C18 Color Video Light is made of 12pcs of high color rendering white LED lights and 6 RGB LEDs.
  • When white LED lights and 6 RGB LEDs light at the same time,according to the controlling of various leds to compose a new white light.
  • Color rendering is RA96 to restore the photographed object,no need to adjust the white balance in camera.
  • There is a colorama mode to obtain 300 kinds of colors.
  • Putting red,green,blue light in normal led makes a better color restoration.
  • Operation Manual:
    1.Insert the battery, sony F550,750,970 battery.
    2.Press the power switch( white), the light works. 12white led and 6RGB led work simultaneously.The initial color temperature is 5700k, the brightness is 100%,rotate the white adjustment knob the brightness decreases.
    3. Press the color knob,the light shifts to color mode. The 6 pieces RGB led works. The initial light is red, the color value on LCD is 0. Rotate the color knob the color changes from red to yellow,green ,blue etc. Eventually it becomes red again to complete one cycle.the red value is0, the green value is 100,the blue value is 200. Repress the color knob the light shifts to white light.
    4.Repress the white adjustment knob,the light power off.
    5.The LCD display: battery remaining, color temperature, brightness percentage, color value.

    : Power:15W(white light mode),11W(colorama mode)
    Power supply :F550,F750 F970 Sony battery (not included)
    Beam Angle:120 degree
    Color Temperature(white light):5700K
    CRI(white light):RA96
    Dimming(white light) :20%-100%
    kinds of color :300
    Color Value :1-300
    Packing:1*ZF-C18 Color Video Light,1*Operating Manual,1*Box

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